LufftStrom – Andrew Levine & Michael von Hintzenstern

November sees the release of all four recordings of the Duo LufftStrom, the ongoing collaboration with Michael von Hintzenstern, who I had got in contact with after researching potential musical partners in the free improvising pipe organ scene.

The first three experiments we conducted at Dorfkirche Denstedt near Weimar, home of the mechanical organ Franz Liszt himself experimented with are released as “Tryptichon” (11/01), a collection of pieces where I focus on [1] Cracklebox, [2] Stereo Field and [3] Continuum. What better place than where Liszt conducted his “Orgelconferenzen” to explore new sonic territory 🙂

Septem” (11/08) is the complete recording of our first concert in Michael’s series „Neue Wege zur Musik – Wege zur Neuen Musik“ (New paths to music–Paths to new music). Dada Royal #40 is a video documentary on this evening by You hear not only the masterfully restored mechanical pipe organ but the “Winddrossel” (air pressure throttle).

Soon afterwards the two of us met again at Bad Berka. After setting up on the evening before the concert we used the quiet of the following morning to record “Inauditum” (11/15): two improvised sets based roughly on the sequence we had laid out for the evening, when the musical segments were interspersed with some recitations.

Audivi” (11/22) is the musical part of the live concert.