Andrew in Portugal

blumlein CD-A035 is going live on June 21st, 2023…

After falling in love with Lisbon on my first visit in December 2022 I was very happy to arrange a tour just a few months later. This selection from three solo performances and two ensemble gigs–accompanied by two recording sessions released independently–presents a cross section of the live music played in four different venues.

Besides three solo tracks recorded in Lisboa and Porto there is a trio with José Bruno Parrinha (bass clarinet) and Ernesto Rodrigues (viola) as well as a duo set I played with with Abdul Moimême (electric guitar–although that description doesn’t really do it justice 😉

Aether Ventus – Organ & Electronics

Watercolour painting for the cover by Francisco Cadete

On Tuesday, May 2nd 2023 I walked from Alfama to Belém, through the heart of the city to the Praça do Comércio, along the waterfront, underneath the Ponte 25 de Abril to MAAT, Jardim Afonso de Albuquerque and then up to Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Ajuda.

Photo © 2023 by AL

I met Cláudio de Pina in person for the very first time, and after setting up my Open Theremin, modular synth and Stereo Field plus one 3d-audio microphone we commenced to record three tracks, which are released in a stereo and binaural mixdown.

Check out the album (blumlein CD-A034) on most online shops.

Photo © 2023 by AL