blumlein records - the edition

Music for the sonophile

blumlein records - the edition


The new direction

This is what blumlein records is all about now… Please be advised that in the course of ordering any media personal and billing information will be gathered by CD-Baby and PayPal. In the case of physical media we will post the disk(s) as soon as we receive notice of payment received. blumlein CD-A013 – Breath,

The back-catalog

While these releases do not represent the direction the label has been developing in we are nevertheless proud of our older “children”. Feel free to order them while–in the case of physical media–supplies last! I hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating the recordings! Please be advised that in the course of

Site relaunch

Welcome to the new website of the edition of blumlein records! Due to the necessity to implement the GDPR we are in the process of overhauling our online offerings–and streamlining our future offerings. Do not despair! The back catalog of our previous releases will be available shortly!