20 years of VDT activities

I have recently put my name up for candidacy in the northern region of the Association of German Audio Professionals. What better time to reflect on my activities at VDT events and as a representative of German Tonmeister culture 😉

  • 2004 Accepted into the VDT
  • 2006 VDT International Convention / Tonmeistertagung (TMT) (Leipzig)
    “Observations by Walter Murch Jr. and their application to recording and working with sound”
  • 2007-05 Forsythe Company (Frankfurt am Main)
    Workshop on acoustic analysis
  • 2008 TMT (Leipzig)
    “Sonic aesthetics by the `balance engineer´”
    “XYtri – From stereo to surround, and back!”
  • 2010 TMT (Leipzig)
    “The evolution of surround sound”
    “The return of the album / Apple’s iTunes LP”
  • 2011 Appointment to the department “New Media” of the VDT
  • 2012 TMT (Köln)
    “Live A/V recording with a 1 person crew” – Including a field recording session
    “Less room 4 more music – Applying the ambisonic paradigm to spaced symmetrical mic-setups”
    “Working with centralised microphone arrangements”
  • 2013-03 Workshop @ Prins-Claus-Konservatorium (Groningen)
    “A/V-recording for musicians“
  • 2014-11 TMT Köln
    Goldener Bobby of the VDT – Classical, instrumental
    (and 2nd prize in the category “Sound for picture“)
    Appointment to the department “Music and word production“
  • 2015-10 Convention of the Analog Audio Association (Krefeld)
    “High quality digital audio recordings”
  • 2016-04 ProLight+Sound (Frankfurt am Main)
  • 2016-04 2-day workshop @ SEA Berlin
    “Video for Audio-People”
  • 2016-09 Convention of the World Federation of Amateur Orchestras (Oslo)
    “Orchestral recording”
  • 2016-09 @ Convention of the Bund Deutscher Liebhaberorchester (Regensburg)
    “Orchestral recording”
  • 2016-10 International Film and Technology Alliance / IFFT convention #1 (Shanghai)
    “The evolution of 3D-Audio”
  • 2016-10 ProLight+Sound (Shanghai)

  • 2017-04 ProLight+Sound (Frankfurt am Main)
  • 2017-09 CHOR.COM (Dortmund)
    “High quality sound recordings for choirs”
  • 2017-10 IFTT #2 (Shanghai)
    “Zwischentöne – Details of Recording”
    Also: Expert reviewer for the “Art & Craft Award” of IFTT
  • 2017-10 China University of Communication (CUC) (Beijing)
    2-day RecShop
  • 2017-12 AV-Alliance (Stuttgart)
    “Stereophonic recording”
  • 2018-02 ISE (Amsterdam)
    “Miking for stereo, surround and 3D”
  • 2018-04 Lectures @ CUC (Beijing) & Shanghai Normal University
  • 2018-04 Zhejiang University of Media and Communication (Hangzhou)
    2-day RecShop
  • 2018-05 ProLight+Sound (Guangzhou)
  • 2018-10 IFTT #3 (Shanghai)
  • 2018-11 TMT (Köln)
    “No Compromise Sonics – Optimising the recording chain” together with Attila Czirja’k
    “The DECCA-tree has more than three branches”
    “Chinese Audio roundtable” – Featuring Chen Chen of CCTV and Prof. Zhang Yilong of CUC
  • 2019-10 CUC (Beijing)
    3 lectures
  • 2021 TMT (Düsseldorf)
    “Producing electronic music” – Together with Ströme
    “Oops – Mistakes in recording”
    I also joined Ströme with the Continuum at the Get Together music event
  • 2021 My article on the XYtri was published in Pfanzagl-Cardone: “The Art and Science of Surround and Stereo Recording” (Springer)
  • 2023 TMT (Düsseldorf)
    Moderation for “Electronic Music“, “AI in audio“, and “Sound’in China”